029i Inward sliding electric door

Safety, rellability and availablity at the highest level

  • System: Electric
  • Accessibility: Door
  • Opening type: Opening to the inside
  • Compatibility: Transit bus
029i Inward sliding electric door

/ Description and characteristics

  • Inward Sliding electric door.
  • Reversible motor with encoder and brake.
  • With self mechanical locking System.
  • Excellent sealing, by continuous rubber frame.
  • Closed and locked door signal, for maximal safety.
  • DM1 Pneumatic emergency module allows to reset emergency from driver dashboard.
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/ Advantages

  • High speed with smooth stard+end movement.
  • Anti-vandal system: impacts do not affect the motors.
  • Excellent control during all the motion stroke.
  • Self-mechanical locking system preventing the door from opening.
  • Excellent sealing.
  • Obstacle detection according to the most restrictive specifications. (anti-drag)
  • High reliable components ensure low LCC.
  • Electronic with higher level of self-diagnosis.

/ Technical data

  • Standard service conditions: 27,5 Vdc, 8bar, flat surface.
  • Operating pressure = 4 - 10 bar
  • Working voltage = 18 - 32 vdc
  • Portal Width = 1.250 - 1450mm Height = 2.200mm
  • Cycles = 1,5 M
  • Maneuver time < 2s
  • Operating slope: Front= ±21% Side= ±10%
  • Electromagnetic Compatibility acc. to R10
  • Burning behaviour according to R118.03
  • Watertightness according to EN14752 railway entrance norm.

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