Thyralink TL1 - Communication system

It is a wireless communication system between the passenger train door and platform screen door. A wireless electronic node is installed in each platform screen door and in each train access door independently to the door’s ECU. The door ECU must work on-demand mode with an open pushbutton. This system allows a delay-free on-request opening (via push-buttons) of the doors.

It allows to determine the access train operation status, formed by a set of train and platform door, in advance to the train station arrival, doing possible to anticipate the non-working warning to the passenger.

  • System: Electric
  • Accessibility: Communications
Communication system between passenger train door and platform screen door

/ Description and characteristics

  • Patent-pending
  • Freq. radio: 868 MHz.
  • Latency max.: 500ms.
  • Voltage: 24 Vdc (another configuration possible).

/ Advantages

  • It allows on-demand operation of boarding access doors and platform screen doors, opening doors only when it has been selected.
  • It anticipates the doors “out of service” warning, allowing a better passenger distribution over the platform.
  • It can be installed in any train or platform screen door which has a push-button installed and an “on-demand” operation mode.
  • It optimizes dwell times.
  • It minimizes airflow loss, improving the efficiency of the air conditioning system.
  • Alarga la vida útil de los dispositivos de puertas.

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