028c v3 Integrated sliding door

  • System: Electric
  • Accessibility: Door
  • Opening type: Sliding
  • Compatibility: Commuters, Transit bus
028c v3 Integrated sliding door

/ Description and characteristics

  • Sliding plug door with arm-subjection.
  • Electric drive 24v.
  • Pneumatic emergency as Standard.
  • Safety System by electronic control and electric sensitive edge.
  • Emergency System by pneumàtic push buttons.
  • Emergency cancellation when vehicle speed > 3 km / h.
  • New rubber sealing.
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/ Advantages

  • Fast opening and closing.
  • Excellent vibration behaviour.
  • Guidance System that stabilizes the door horizontally.
  • Vertical stability when the door is closed.
  • High reliability.
  • Smoothness of movement.
  • Kinematics designed to achieve a harmonious movement.
  • Easy to install and regulate.
  • Simple mechanism that easily integrates into any ceiling configuration.
  • No lock required.
  • Enhanced sealing
  • Electronics configurable via parameters, to adapt to operator requirements.

/ Technical data

  • Minimum pressure 6 bar.
  • Work Temperature -30C + 70C work
  • Nominal voltage 24v ± 25%
  • Displacement to the outside: 75 mm.
  • Portal Width: 1350mm of.
  • Net opening: 1200 mm.
  • Suitable for vehicles Class I,II,A.
  • Complies UN regulations R107.

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