Public transport accessibility systems



The Masats commitment to sustainability begins with our own work as we promote public transport as a safe and sustainable mobility method.

This commitment is reflected in all of our business areas as we work to minimise the impact of our activities in all departments.

Sustainable Growth

Our sector is constantly evolving due to the speed of new trends in sustainable mobility and autonomous vehicles.

At Masats, we believe the best way to ensure the sustainability of our business and the wellbeing and financial security of those in our value chain is to guarantee a path towards sustainable growth.

Environmental Respect

At Masats, we have developed an Environmental Managament System based on the standard ISO 14001 to monitor and minimise our environmental impact and meet all of our stakeholders’ demands and expectations.

We identify the activities and services that may have environmental repercussions, including:

  • Air emissions
  • Liquid spills
  • Waste management
  • The consumption of natural resources (water, energy, fuels and others)
  • The consumption of raw materials
  • System changes
  • Other types of nuisances deriving from our activities (noise, odours, dust, acoustic vibrations, thermal energy, etc.).

Every year, we publish data on the environmental impact of our business as well as all of the actions we implement to minimise it and the results thereof through an Environmental Declaration.

Masats General Sustainability Goals

To prevent all chemical and liquid waste spillage.

To increase the percentage of returnable packing in our material provisions and when sending components to Spanish customers.

To continue containing our environmental costs.

To reduce the consumption of water, light and diesel oil in our equipment and door sections.